Take to the Skies with Paul

PBS television station KMOS from the University of Central Missouri invited viewers to take to the skies with Paul as they featured him in a special episode on Missouri life originally broadcast on Nov. 5, 2015. 

Let's Paint!

Learn or perfect your craft with the help of a master watercolor artist.

Join Paul at one of his workshops.

Paul Jackson Signature Paints

Paul Jackson Signature Paint exclusively by Trekell Art Supplies is out of stock. Stay tuned for new products!

Bright Lights of Budapest

Paul's largest watercolor to date, Bright Lights of Budapest, is a 5x10-foot commissioned work now in a private collection.

Aerial Photography

MR340 2015 The Missouri River Death Race

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

Flying Dreams:
See what happens when an artist inspired by his surroundings takes his vision to new heights.

Detour is available from our store as an 18x30" archival giclee print.



Honored and very happy to have "The Cardinal" included in the permanent collection of the Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art following our recent exhibit there.

Jellyfish Jam

36"x56" watercolor

(private collection)

Available as an 18x40" archival giclee print via our online store.

Featured work

Detail of
Sunset Sultanahmet

20"x26" watercolor by Paul Jackson
Available original

Workshop reviews

“Paul's workshops are the most information-packed experiences an artist can engage in. Every painter receives full interactive attention from this dynamic duo! The sound, decisive instruction enables the painter to attain a greater understanding of the mechanics and confidence of their ability to apply the principles in all areas of art. By far the best bang for the buck in learning from a master! And his classes are so darned much fun!”

- Sandra B.

“Thanks for the great workshop!!!! We really appreciate all the time and energy you invested in sharing what you know of watercolor. Demo after demo. Telling, telling, telling. Watch that brush work! (But so hard to do, as I kept looking at the painting instead!) And, Marla, you were this calm presence in the midst of all this energy! Thanks for the centering!

"Personally, I came away with a greater understanding of how and why to build up layers of color and the richness that can be achieved by this method. You explained the value of 'POW!!!', the value of neutrals, and the value of all those value levels. Now, if I can just remember it all!”

-Aneita G.

I am so impressed with the excellent way you conducted the workshop.  I can't begin to make you understand how much I enjoyed  those three days.  Life had been pressing pretty hard on me and having three days to do something so satisfying without thought of the outside world was a gift.  
Paul, the spacing of the demos and the individual help was so well planned and effective.  Your non-threatening approach and the support materials make it a complete experience.  Marla, your sense of organization and attention to detail are critical to the success of what you are doing together.  Thank you for a lovely time and I couldn't be more proud of you." 

-Nelle E.

A terrific three days! Relaxed atmosphere, yet hard work that seemed to delight everyone. Amazing demos that had me mesmerized as Paul pulled and pushed color in ways I have never seen. He and Marla make everyone feel like they are old friends gathering to have fun!”

-Victoria L.

The Wandering Watercolorist,
a limited edition 12x12” coffee table book of nearly 300 of Paul’s best paintings, is available to order online.