Back in the Land of Ah’s


It was 4 years ago that I last came to Manhattan, Kansas for a workshop with a unique group of friends that paint together. This group seems to value friendship over ego, perhaps more than any other I’ve met. They pull each other forward as artists, and their growth is tremendous.

This week was a treat, reuniting with friends from my last visit, and making a few new ones. They tackled my glass workshop like professionals and made me look good as a teacher. 🙂 (I’d love to take credit for all their success, but it is their own hard work that made them so good.)

I also made a Prairie Chicken pilgrimage again, and was only disappointed by the lack of light. The Prairie Chicken booming was totally mesmerizing. If you ever get the chance to witness Prairie Chickens booming, take it!

Last time I was here I went from Manhattan KS, to Manhattan, NY directly. The differences were immediately obvious and the two worlds have little in common. I love them both for different reasons, but always feel that Green Acres is the place for me. It would be tough to grow tomatoes in New York, and you’ll definitely not witness a Prairie Chicken booming.

Art has a different feel on the plains. It is honest and pure, no hustle or insincere posturing. I love the way the people embrace their work and how they share it with each other.