• Paper - 2 sheets of Arches watercolor paper, 140lb, 156 lb cold press/356gsm or 300lb cold press.
        Paul will demonstrate on a 1/2 sheet of 156 lb cold press/356gsm  (20x26")
      • Painting board - large enough to fit 1/2 sheet of paper.
      • Palette - Paul uses the Quiller palette, but any large watercolor palette will do.
      • Water containers - at least 2
      • Paper Towels
      • Brushes
        • 3 Round watercolor brushes, pick a small, medium and large
        • 2” flat wash brush
        • 1 small, cheap brush for masking fluid.
      • Masking fluid
      • Graphite paper (large sheet)
      • Any other watercolor supplies you normally use.
        (aka: kneaded eraser, exacto knife, sketching pencil, masking tape...)
      • Paint -Bring the paints you normally use.  Paul will be using his Paul Jackson Signature Watercolor Paint Set by Da Vinci Paint Co: https://www.davincipaints.com/category-s/168.htm?utm_source=www.pauljackson.com

Aubergine, Bora Bora Turquoise, Cabernet, Cowbell, Deep Dark Blue, Deep Purple, Electric Lemon, Envy, Fireball, International Orange, Jackson Blue, Kathmandu Alizarin, Marigold, Masters Yellow, Portrait Pink, Rockstar Pink, Sienna Fire, Submarine Yellow, Ocean, Ultramarine Dream

*Matching colors from other professional brands will suffice.*

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