Cinque Terre

Our Northern Italy watercolor sketchbook workshop has begun! We landed in Milan on September 8, and bussed down to Cinque Terre. Much of the damage from the mudslide disaster last year has been repaired, but our bus wasn’t able to make the last 4 kilometers to our hotel, so we had to ferry down the hill in taxis. Not the smoothest start, but at least we arrived. It just gets better from here!





We took the ferry down past the other four towns of Cinque Terre an sketched at Porto Venere on our second day, then back up to Vernaza for more.

Day three we took the train down to Rio Maggiore and walked the Lover’s Stroll to Manarola. More sketching and lots of photo ops! My group is having a blast and soaking in the rich culture and gathering inspiration to paint!

We’ve walked, boated and trained all over the area now. This morning I’ll demo paint from the terraced roof garden of our hotel. Less movement and more painting today!