The Pearl

First day in Shanghai. I ride the incredible MagLev train from Pudong Airport into the city at 431 kilometers per hour. Really fast! I checked in to my hotel and went walking. Nanjing walking road was my first visit. Basically it is Shanghai’s version of Times Square. Lots of neon and tons of people. Not…

Shanghai at night

It’s hot! And crowded! And awesome! Haven’t slept in 48 hrs, but I figured I would just stay up and get my clock on China time…13 hours ahead. Thank God they have Starbucks!

Touchdown Shanghai

Over the long commute I managed to write most of the speech I am to give later this week at the International Watercolor Masters Invitational. I also did a little painting on the plane, but got no sleep. Oh well! I’ll sleep when I get home. Now to find the MagLev. cheers, Paul (traveling in…

The North Pole

What a long flight! 22 hours and still going. We’re over the North Pole now. It appears a bit watery.

From Omaha to Shanghai

This trip began last week in Bellevue Nebraska, a suburb of Omaha. I was teaching a “found still-life” watercolor workshop with some great people from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Colorado. I’ll miss the company, but not the 103 degree heat! Just two more stops and I’ll be in Shanghai. Omaha, population 432,000, will seem like…


This is the Solio universal “hybrid” charger. It absorbs solar energy, or can be charged from a USB port. Hopefully it will keep my iPhone going strong for the next two weeks.

Made in China

As I packed, I couldn’t help but notice how many things in my suitcase have a “made in China” label. I’m thinking next time I’ll just fly over with nothing and go shopping when I get there! It seems kind of silly to drag it all back and forth. cheers, Paul (traveling in China)

Power in transit

My poor iPhone battery won’t last the entire flight to Shanghai, especially if I watch movies and write notes for 22 hours. I’m not wild about plugging it in to foreign outlets, even with international adapters, so I’m traveling green with two Solio solar chargers. Hopefully the sun will appear through the smog, but I…


Blast off for China at 5 am Wednesday 8/6/08! cheers, Paul