Sydney Rocks

Walking around Sydney is more of a visual feast than exercise. It is much like San Francisco with its steep hills and big bridge over the bay, but it is so clean and so friendly that it is hard to imagine it is real. Certainly the 2000 Olympics had an impact with construction of incredible new buildings, but there was already a lot to work with here.

The traffic isn’t bad and there are walking paths all around. The ferry service is efficient and relatively cheap, although much of everything else is a bit pricey. A beer will cost you about $8 just about anywhere in the downtown area, even the local brew. Plan on $30 each or more for dinner just for a bowl of soup. There isn’t so much in the way of Australian food, so I don’t really feel the need to waste time on epicurean adventure.

I’m here for the visuals, as usual, and to lay groundwork for a series of workshops next year. There’s plenty to discover. I hope I have enough time to get a good overview of what’s here.


The wildlife is spectacular! Colorful and noisy birds are everywhere. Koala encounters are possible and even a Roo or two can be found. The Flora and Fauna are unique to Australia so all is brand new and exciting.

We’ll be wandering the botanical gardens this afternoon, and trying to catch a different view of the Opera House and bridge at sunset. Maybe a night walkabout is in order this evening to catch the lights of this spectacular city reflecting in the harbor.