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We came to Adelaide to meet with friends about a series of workshops we are planning for 2013. Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney will be our locations for the first three events, because we have artist friends in each and have now scouted locations as well. Adelaide is known as the city of churches but offers…

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Miami Watercolor Society

Just home from Southeast Asia and filled with inspiration, I immediately had to head out again to judge a show, give a demo and workshop with the Miami watercolor society. With jetlag and daylight savings time, one might think I should have been exhausted, but I was bouncing with energy from the previous adventure, and…

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Artist friends

I met Ismail Kadir in China in 2008 during the International Watercolor Masters Invitational. He is the best watercolorist in Malaysia, that is… when he’s home. I’ve never seen him at home though. I’m in southern Thailand now, probably a four hour drive from Ismail’s studio, and somehow couldn’t coordinate my schedule to drop in…

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