Tasmania is a beautiful surprise for those who dare adventure to the southeast corner of Australia. Home to Platypus, Echidna, wallabies and the infamous Tasmanian Devil, this incredible place is a paradise for anyone seeking the extraordinary. Every corner I turned offered a new a spectacular view.

We landed in Launceston, in the north central region and drove the coastline down the Eastern shore to Hobart on the south central coast.

We spent a day at the Bay of Fire, gathering inspiration and sketching the Dr Suess-like landscape. The giant rocks lining the coast are covered in thick lichen of several different colors, most notably the red that gives the place it’s name.

July is winter in Tassie, but the temperature was in the 40’s and 50’s. We really enjoyed the brisk weather, fog and dramatic light, but got several doses of heavy rain in the south. The early sunsets are hard to get used to. It’s dark before 6pm. Sunrise is around 7am.

We missed the west coast entirely, opting to spend time with new friends in Launceston. We’ll be planning for a longer visit next time. Three days isn’t enough time to discover Tasmania. It’s just enough time to fall in love with this remote land.