Bright Lights of Bangkok

Until this week we have avoided big cities on this adventure, but Bangkok beckoned, and our next flight departs from their big airport. I only scheduled four days here, which was not enough to really see much, but I did my best.

Khaosan Road is the backpackers haven and location of the cheapest hotel rooms in town. We went for a visit, but did not stay long. Maybe in my younger days.

We also visited the various red-light districts of Patpong, Sukhumvit and Nana, but just to see the neon lights. None of us had any desire to see the debauchery within the various clubs. I was hoping to paint a little, but gave up quickly after being harassed by dozens of prostitutes, lady boys and people trying to sell me all types of goods and services. They couldn’t seem to comprehend that I was just there to see the lights. No massage necessary, thanks!

Sunrise was a lot better time to get out and sketch. Apparently Thailand doesn’t get up early, except for the orange-robed monks who are out searching for food. They are only allowed to eat what is given to them, and only in the early morning. Picture me with a giant bunch of bananas, surrounded by a dozen monks, each happily eating my offering. Wish I had a picture!

Bangkok is definitely a big city experience, much like Shanghai or New York. It is very crowded, smoggy and chaotic. After the tranquil places we have been to this month, it is a bit of overload and i’ll be happy to move along…although my next stop is Tokyo, which won’t be exactly an escape from the chaos.

I love big cities when I’m in the right frame of mind. There is so much to see and do that you never run out of inspiration. Still, my small town roots always lead me to quieter, calmer places.

Home is on the horizon and I’ll have all the quiet I desire soon enough. For now, I’ll endure in the interest of more discovery and adventure. I can never get enough!





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  1. Jean Burman on February 21, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    There’s something intrinsically primal about cities like Bangkok. There… the basics are the basics. Food. Sleep. Money [and yes… that other thing] I’m not a fan of the place. Too much hustle – too many humans [too little humanity] *sigh* but at least you’ll leave there with the blessings of Buddha after feeding all those early morning Monks [grin]