Back in the Land of Ah’s

It was 4 years ago that I last came to Manhattan, Kansas for a workshop with a unique group of friends that paint together. This group seems to value friendship over ego, perhaps more than any other I’ve met. They pull each other forward as artists, and their growth is tremendous. This week was a…

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Mid-Southern Watercolor Society

Painting with the Mid-Southern watercolor society was a nice treat! (it sure felt good to be back where people “talk right”.) The Southern hospitality and charm were both in full swing for this fast and furious glass workshop. We had to race to finish this complicated demo in time, but the results speak for the…

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Miami Watercolor Society

Just home from Southeast Asia and filled with inspiration, I immediately had to head out again to judge a show, give a demo and workshop with the Miami watercolor society. With jetlag and daylight savings time, one might think I should have been exhausted, but I was bouncing with energy from the previous adventure, and…

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