Goodbye 2012

As I sit in my studio and watch the snow fall, I am happy to be home for the holidays, but a bit sad to say goodbye to 2012. For such a big year, a quiet ending is all I have planned. Maybe a little painting time and a bottle of Prosecco tonight.

We talked about New Year’s Eve in New York or Paris, but decided that no place sounded better than home after the year of adventure that we had.

2012 began with us trekking amongst the temples in Cambodia, meeting new friends and sketching ideas to paint. We swam with elephants in Thailand and ate sushi at the Sukiji fish market in Japan.

In the spring I had workshops in Miami, Sedona, Little Rock, Manhattan KS, Knoxville and Rarity Bay TN. In May we came home for a High School graduation and a giant mural project.

In June we left for a workshop in New York, then flew direct to Sydney. For the summer we explored Australia and New Zealand, forging new friendships and filling up on inspiration. Two and a half months was not nearly long enough.

Short stays in Fiji, L.A, Dallas dotted the weeks between bigger adventures. Ten days home and off to Des Moines for two weeks of workshops with the Iowa watercolor Society, then straight to Italy.

18 of us tramped the coastal towns of Cinque Terre, the shoreline of Lake Garda and the canals of Venice with our watercolor sketchbooks in tow. We were all family by the end of our 10 day Italian adventure. We squeezed a week of museums in Amsterdam out of October before we had to come home.

More workshops in Picayune MS, New Orleans and Victoria BC. We finally made it home again in time for Thanksgiving. My studio was calling.

I’ve been in the studio for the past month, finishing paintings begun while traveling, and starting on a few new ideas. I’ve mostly kept my new paintings under wraps for now. If you want to see them you’ll have to come to one of my exhibitions in 2013.

My show at the Meridian MS Museum of Art opens February 9th. I’ll also be opening at the Boone County Historical
Museum in Columbia MO on July 11. I hope you will join me! 2013 promises to be a really amazing year.

Here’s wishing you the best for the new year! May it be our best yet. 🙂




  1. Jean Burman on January 20, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Hi Paul and Marla

    So great to read [here in a nutshell] about your fabulous year! Anyone who’s ever tried putting on the pace like this… painting… travelling… teaching… all the while keeping up with family… friends… social media… blog… along the way… will know how damned hard it must have been to keep all the balls in the air as you have done so effortlessly. I take my hat off to you for your tireless “intrepidness” [if there is such a word – if not – I just made it up] LOL

    Every best wish to you both for this wonderful New Year and beyond. I hope someday our paths may cross somewhere on this big beautiful planet of ours.

    Until then…

    cheers and best wishes


  2. David S on January 6, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    What a year, Paul! I will try to hide in your suitcase one of these days!

  3. Randi Mackey on January 6, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    Paul and Marla, what a push of confidence your IWS workshop gave me. It is the first one I’ve taken, and to work with such a renown watercolor artist was a great pleasure (OK, I was intimidated at first, but you put us all at ease right away). I try to paint every day, even if it is just an ACEO sized painting, it keeps me going. I have inspiration for many paintings this next year, but must discipline myself to finish the two I started last year which are nearly finished. I have not needed to purchase brushes (I think I had a fetish for them.) since I got my Paul Jackson Kolinsky double-ended brushes! I recommend them to everyone I talk to about watercolor. I’m waiting for my new Paul Jackson blade brush to come any time now. (Hurry, Marla! I’m anxious to try it out!)
    I’m working on marketing my artwork more and have had some success in that. You two are an inspiration, making painting more exciting, and I love following your travels as I can live vicariously through you! What a sweet photo above. Thanks for being so giving of your talent. I look forward to what 2013 will bring!

  4. Joe High on January 6, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Wow! When I grow up, I wanna be just like you, Paul!! You’re definitely Living the Dream!

  5. Catherine Bennett on January 1, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    Keep up your great work for much is expected from those who are given so much. Onward and upward throughout the New Year 2013. It can only get better.

  6. Feroz Khan on January 1, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    Wow. Paul, what a life you have been living. You are making all of us jealous. We wish we were with you at all of those places.

    You got me started back into art with the workshop in Iowa. I intend to continue. In fact, I am writing this message because I am waiting for the Paul Jackson’s transparent masking fluid to dry on my new painting.


  7. Greta Faulkinberry on January 1, 2013 at 1:18 am

    I am proud to have met you and Marla and enjoyed my one class. I hope to have more one day but I have had to share my days with my mother with Alzheimer’s. I am amazed at all your travels. I enjoy viewing your wonderful work and hearing about your travels. I only got on Facebook because of our conversation when you were here, and yes so many artists share their work for viewing on Facebook. Now I’m addicted. Greta